Top 5 Twitter Tips for Loan Officers


There have been mixed reviews on whether or not it is worthwhile to set up a Twitter account for personal and/or professional purposes.

Let's set the record straight - Twitter is a powerful tool for developing your professional reputation and "brand". It will help you establish great connections with potential clients, industry professionals and others.

Follow these 5 easy Twitter tips for mortgage brokers and it will help generate leads and build your professional network . . .

1. Look Professional

Just like your web site, your Twitter account needs to have a professional look and feel. Not a designer? Of course not, you're a mortgage broker.

No worries - services like TwitBacks allow you to easily upload pictures and a description that look like you've spent hours "pimping" out your account.

Check out an example of our TwitBacks theme here.

Twitter MLP background

If you don't have a Twitter account, start by getting a good username and try to incorporate something that defines your services or specialty. Remember, Twitter is helping to build your "brand" so keep this in mind when selecting a username.

2. Build Your Network

Start by using the search feature - search.twitter.com. Type in any keyword just like you were at Google, and a real-time look at other users who have used that keyword in their Tweets appears.

So what? Say you are a broker in Clarksville, Tennessee. You can search "clarksville home loan' and in a matter of seconds view a list of potential clients. Maybe someone has said 'looking for a new home loan in clarksville before we move'. Or 'buying our first house! anyone know a mortgage broker in Clarskville area?'.

Twitter loan search

First, it would be wise to "follow" that user. This lets you stay up to date on their posts, but also increases the chances that they will follow of you.

Next, try to add value by responding to their relevant tweets.

3. Direct/Personal Communication

Twitter allows your communication to be direct and personal, unlike many other forms of communicating with potential customers (newsletters, blogs, etc.)

While using the search functionality to find potential clients contact them directly. Send a direct tweet to them by posting a tweet using their username preceded by the "@" sign. This is called a reply on Twitter and it will notify the other user of your message.

For an example, say one of the messages from #2 was from user MortgageLoanPlc. You would simply tweet "@MortgageLoanPlc Broker in the area with 8 yrs experience, would love to help. Please call 800-999-8768".

Direct messaging also can be utilized. Learn more about Direct Messaging here.

Twitter reply example

4. Simplify and Save Time with Free Software

Keeping up with following a large number of people and their new, relevant posts can be time consuming. Fortunately, aggregators like EasyTweets simplify the process.

They allow you to setup automatic feeds for specific keywords as well as auto-follow capabilities when users tweet about a specific keyword.

As an example, using EasyTweets, you can build a feed for a keyword like 'va loan'. Any time a user on Twitter posts a tweet with the words 'va loan' in it, you can set it to automatically have your account follow that user. You will also receive a notification sent to your email address linking to the tweet like this one shown here.

Twitter search example

Other free software for Twitter includes:

Take advantage of these free services and you can be gaining followers and exposure for your name while you sleep!

5. Provide Consistent, Informative, Interesting Posts

Much like blogging, posting to Twitter requires you to avoid too many irrelevant and/or uninteresting posts. If you like to tweet for personal reasons to keep your "tweeps" (twitter peeps), we suggest you keep a separate personal account.

Keep your posts for clients professional and interesting. Also, remeber to use relevant keywords in your tweets. Think of what keywords potential clients and or other professionals may be searching for and use those keywords in your tweets. It is also recommended to include these keywords in your profile.

Comment and Share This Information

Do you have more ideas on how to build your network and leads by using Twitter? We hope you'll share them in the comments.

***We would like to profile some mortgage professionals who successfully use Twitter in future posts. If you have a large number of users following you, let us know so we can talk about doing a profile on you.

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