Refinancing in New Hampshire

Refinancing in New Hampshire is easy and beneficial. The first step, as with any financial decision, is to determine your current situation. Once you have assessed your needs, you can decide if refinancing in New Hampshire is the right decision for you. Refinancing is often a wise choice because it allows the borrower to achieve a variety of financial goals. A refinance can allow you to reduce your monthly payments by lowering your interest rate, switching loan types, or paying off your mortgage more quickly. a refinance can also allow you to free up some money for other expenses.

Some things to keep in mind when considering a refinance:

  • You may wish to consider refinancing in New Hampshire if interest rates are more than .05% less than your current interest rate.
  • New Hampshire residents have the option to refinance with a Renovation Loan. The amount you may borrow for this type of loan is based on an estimate of your home's worth after the necessary renovations have been completed.
  • You will need to consider the pros and cons of a short-term vs. a long-term mortgage. New Hampshire residents should remember that the longer the term of the mortgage, the lower the monthly payments will be, but a short-term mortgage will allow you to save on interest costs.
If you decide that refinancing in New Hampshire is right for you, you will need to complete a Uniform Residential Loan application form. a mortgage consultant will be able to help you through the refinance process. Information needed for your application will be obtained from your credit report. Your credit history will be a factor in approving your application; however, if your credit is less-than-perfect your mortgage consultant will work with you to attempt to resolve the issue. Please visit the State of New Hampshire Banking webpage for more related information.

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