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Take advantage of new, low interest rates by refinancing your existing loan. The Federal Reserve recently agreed to buy billions of dollars in home mortgages creating amazing benefits for all homeowners. Refinance your existing loan now to take advantage of these new, low rates. Our specialists can help ensure you get the best deal on your refinance to meet your goals whether that be to lower your monthly payments, to take cash out, or to get into a fixed rate loan. Get started right now by filling out our new, short form to get in touch with a Loan Refinance expert.

Keep Your Home with a FHA Loan Refinance

  • Prevent Foreclosure: Refinancing your existing mortgage is perhaps the easiest and most logical way to help save you from foreclosure. With the recent fallout of the subprime lending market, tens of thousands of Americans are in search of a solution to their mounting mortgage payments. We can help.
  • Adjust from an ARM to a Fixed Rate mortgage: With continually increasing interest rates, many people with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) are starting to see their monthly payments climb. Ensure a low and steady monthly payment by taking advantage of a Fixed Rate Refinance. Fill out this form to get assistance and to determine how much your monthly payments will be with a New Fixed Rate mortgage. Get a Free Quote on a Fixed Rate Refinance now!
  • Get Cash Out for home improvements: You can use the equity in your home to get cash out for a variety of purposes. You may also refinance your home to take cash out and make home improvements. Determine how much cash you can get with a refinance using your home's equity.
  • Consolidate your Debt: If you are in debt and have high credit card bills, many credit counselors will advise you to consolidate the debt. Consolidating your debt by Refinancing your home and using the money to pay off credit card (and other) bills is a great way to save money and lower your monthly payments on your debt. You get the advantage of reducing interest payments on your total debt by consolidating it into your home loan. Find out how much you can save by Consolidating your Debt with a Refinance.
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Benefits of Working with a Refinance Specialist

There are many benefits to working with a refinancing specialist. Below are some of the reasons you will want to consult a specialist before starting your home refinance. It is extremely important that you deal with someone who will customize a solution to fit your personal needs. You have no obligation to work with a Refinance Professional, but we suggest that you work with one so that you may ask specific questions about your needs. Then you may determine if a Refinance Professional is able to provide you with a solution that meets all of your needs.

Get Help if You Need to Refinance Immediately

Refinance Specialist If you need to refinance immediately, make sure that you work with someone who can get you through the process in the smoothest manner possible. Working with an inexperienced refinance professional could delay the process and cost you valuable time. If you don't need to refinance immediately, then you have the advantage of waiting for a lower rate. We recommended that you get pre-qualified right away so you may have the option of locking in a low rate when it becomes available. If rates dip and you are not pre-qualified, it will be much more difficult to ensure that you will get a great rate.

Get Important Information About Rates

Rates fluctuate frequently, so no one can predict what they will do. But an experienced Refinance Professional can tell you what rates have done historically and may help you to determine which option is best for you based on that information. If rates are likely to go down in the next few years, you may opt for an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Lower monthly payments could provide you with the extra money you need to pay off high-interest debt, such as credit cards, or to build your investment portfolio. To get advice based on your particular situation, speak with a Refinance Professional. They can provide you with a free, no-obligation pre-qualification to help you determine if refinancing is the best option for you, and suggest which type of refinance would fit your particular needs best.

If you would like assistance from an experienced Refinance Professional, fill out this form or start the pre-approval process.

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