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Posted on April 05   By MLP Lending Guide
In the world of loans and refinancing, one of the simplest loans anyone can do is a FHA Loan Mortgage Refinance on your existing FHA Loan because you are already approved by the HUD. FHA Loan Mortgage Refinance can be granted to close to anyone because there is little risk for the loan granter when issuing you a refinance on your current FHA Loan. As long as your payments have been on time for a period of 12 months you will find it to be a relatively painless undertaking. Even if you have had a.... Read More...
Posted on April 02   By MLP Lending Guide
The Federal Housing Administration has been helping people become homeowners since the 1930s. In the 1980s the FHA became known for its bureaucratic tendencies and fell out of favor with the public. Instead many borrowers turned to private lenders who reaped the rewards of charging higher interest rates on subprime loans. Recently, however, as subprime lending practices are coming under increased scrutiny, many have turned, once again, back to the FHA for their loans. There are a number of.... Read More...
Posted on March 27   By MLP Lending Guide
Continuing news regarding the re-emergence of FHA-insured home loans surfaced today over at Bloomberg.com in their article that focuses on the benefits to be had by Ginnie Mae and the FHA market over the recent subprime fallout. Both the current Bush administration and Democtratic-hopeful Hillary Clinton have said that they back legislation to re-invigorate the FHA loan program to help cover low and middle-income homeowners over the coming years. Many of the issues that have plagued FHA mortgag.... Read More...
Posted on March 26   By MLP Lending Guide
When you want to take money out of the equity in your home you may consider a home equity loan. A home equity loan is a second mortgage on your home that allows you to get cash out of your equity without refinancing your existing FHA mortgage loan. You can take out a home equity loan to pay for home improvements, remodeling, a wedding, college, traveling, a car, debt consolidation, or anything else you want. In order to get a great deal on a home equity loan you should consider where you are goi.... Read More...
Posted on March 22   By MLP Lending Guide
One of the great facets of the American dream is the notion that everyone should be able to own their own home, despite their race, background, or financial situation. And while purchasing a home isn't easy for most Americans, it is an especially difficult process for some. Lately, the solution to buying a house with little cash or a poor credit rating was to use a sub-prime mortgage. Sub-prime mortgage loans are utilized by people with poor credit history who can therefore not obtain prime mar.... Read More...
Posted on March 21   By MLP Lending Guide
First of all, we'd like to announce the initial launch of our FHA Loan Calculator here on Mortgage Loan Place. We realize that many of our visitors that are interested in FHA mortgage information can benefit from testing out some financial scenarios using the calculator before worrying about contacting a loan officer. Look for updates to make the FHA calculator even better in the coming weeks. More importantly, it is becoming apparent that FHA loans may be returning to the forefront of the mort.... Read More...
Posted on March 14   By MLP Lending Guide
If a borrower decides that an FHA mortgage loan is right for them, there is a process that the FHA requires the borrower and the property to go through. The borrower must have a credit check, and the FHA requires the property to have an appraisal. Obviously, as the FHA insures the loan for the lender, if the borrower can no longer make mortgage payments, the FHA will get the house. That being said, the most important function of the required FHA appraisal is that it is performed to protect the F.... Read More...
Posted on March 13   By MLP Lending Guide
The FHA, or Federal Housing Administration, is a government program that was started during the depression to help affected citizens buy houses who might not have been otherwise able to afford them. Since the 1960s, however, the FHA's main purpose has been securing housing loans for low and moderate income individuals with bad credit or an inability to make a down payment. The FHA does this by insuring the lenders who provide the money to the borrower, so that in the event the borrower cannot ma.... Read More...
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