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Posted on May 07 By MLP Lending Guide

FHA calculatorHow much house can you afford with an FHA mortgage?

Mortgage Loan Place hosts an FHA mortgage calculator geared to helping potential homeowners that are looking into the possibility of FHA financing. Our tool allows you to input data such as monthly income, credit card payments, desired loan term and other information to help compute the estimated loan amount that you might qualify for.

Please use our tool and other mortgage calculators early on in your search for a home loan. They can be a quick and easy indicator of how much 'house' you should be looking to buy, and what monthly payments you should expect once you are in your home.

Please keep in mind that this is just an estimation tool. Actual rates and costs may vary depending on the type of loan you eventually obtain. After using our FHA Calculator, visit the FHA Loan Limit tool and double check the loan limit afforded by the FHA in your area. Together, these values can give you a clearer picture of what to expect before you move forward and speak to a mortgage specialist.

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