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Posted on March 03   By MLP Lending Guide
For many homeowners, the choice between expanding their current home and buying a new one is difficult. Financing it can be a hassle in this economy. But have you considered the benefits of a surety bond? In efforts of keeping roots planted, many homeowners eventually decide to renovate their current home to suit spatial needs. Whether the family needs an additional bedroom or simply more space, a home renovation and expansion can be a big project requiring the need for a specialized contractor.... Read More...
Posted on January 21   By MLP Lending Guide
If you are I the market for a new home have you considered the potential for possible future flood damage to the property? For those veterans using the VA Home Loan Guarantee Program, it is required by the VA for the buyer to pay the fee for a determination of flood risk on the property they are planning to purchase. FEMA has a National Flood Insurance Program so that if the home you purchase is determined to be in a flood area, you can get insurance to protect you. They warn that flood insuran.... Read More...
Posted on December 10   By MLP Lending Guide
When it is time for a person to purchase a home many things need to be considered in order for it to be affordable. The largest expense for an average family is their housing costs. When you purchase a home it will probably be the largest purchase you will ever make which makes it extremely important to give a lot of thought to what you can afford, and these FHA home financing ideas may help. Even though you may qualify for a large loan that does not mean that you want to take that amount. Ther.... Read More...
Posted on October 24   By MLP Lending Guide
Many people purchase homes that tie them to all of the responsibilities that come along with homeownership. Renting a home allows you the freedom to pay a monthly rental fee and not have to worry about other maintenance problems that the owner needs to keep up with. However, owning a home allows you more freedom in choosing what to do with the house and property and is a solid real estate investment. The question many potential home buyers ask is: Which is better, renting or owning? The answer t.... Read More...
Posted on June 13   By MLP Lending Guide
June is National Homeownership Month and HUD and the FHA have planned a month filled with activities across the country. The theme this year is Promoting and Protecting Homeownership, which strongly emphasizes consumer education about loans and the lending process. Here are a few of the events taking place across the nation: Native American Housing & Homeownership Fair in Portland, Oregon Homeownership Community Party in Aiken, South Carolina Atlantic City Housing Authority Housing Symposi.... Read More...
Posted on May 14   By MLP Lending Guide
Home owners interested in paying off their mortgages as seamlessly and quickly as possible might want to consider one of the newest trends in the industry a mortgage that basically doubles as a checking account. A California-based mortgage firm has pioneered a program called the Home Ownership Accelerator. Financial experts at CMB Financial Services created a method of making principal payments that combines a traditional mortgage with the basic tenets of a checking account at your local ba.... Read More...
Posted on March 26   By MLP Lending Guide
When you want to take money out of the equity in your home you may consider a home equity loan. A home equity loan is a second mortgage on your home that allows you to get cash out of your equity without refinancing your existing FHA mortgage loan. You can take out a home equity loan to pay for home improvements, remodeling, a wedding, college, traveling, a car, debt consolidation, or anything else you want. In order to get a great deal on a home equity loan you should consider where you are goi.... Read More...
Posted on March 14   By MLP Lending Guide
If a borrower decides that an FHA mortgage loan is right for them, there is a process that the FHA requires the borrower and the property to go through. The borrower must have a credit check, and the FHA requires the property to have an appraisal. Obviously, as the FHA insures the loan for the lender, if the borrower can no longer make mortgage payments, the FHA will get the house. That being said, the most important function of the required FHA appraisal is that it is performed to protect the F.... Read More...
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