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Are you looking to purchase an investment property for your personal portfolio or business use? The commercial real estate market is depressed today and an extraordinary buyer's market exists across the country. Our specialists are experienced in finding the funding that works for any situation. Here's why a commercial mortgage with Mortgage Loan Place makes sense today:

  • The commercial real estate market is way off, offering a unprecedented wealth building opportunity
  • Our specialists are highly qualified and trained to find the financing that works for you
  • Our lenders have programs to help finance nearly any property

Mortgage Loan Place® has recently been connected with new lenders to originate commercial mortgage loans. With a huge "discount" in market prices, there has never been a better time to apply.

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"Our apartment purchase was tough, but that's to be expected. Mark helped us through the commercial financing property and we're delighted to be the new owners of a 12 unit apartment property."
    Scott A.

"[Dave] went above and beyond on helping us through the loan process. The transaction went extraordinarily smooth and now by business has a new manufacturing facility/warehouse."
    Nathaniel B.

"My husband and I own a few properties already but we're glad we went the 'broker' route this time. Our loan terms are more favorable than our local banks and the transaction took less work on our end."
    Diane L.

"...Your entire team made the process of purchasing an investment property much less scary and helped things go off without a hitch."
    Ron F.

Commercial Mortgage Financing Solutions

Loans on commercial properties can be tough to find in today's market. Our commercial specialists have lending relationships that make securing commercial financing possible-even in the current volatile lending environment.

Mortgage Loan Place.com can help connect you with financing to meet your financial goals.

Commercial mortgages are in many ways just the same as residential home loans. Just like your home mortgage, they are loans made on the property that secures them. Generally, commercial mortgages are defined as loans made on business, industrial, retail, or multifamily (5+ units) properties. Our expert commercial specialists can help find the financing that works for you.

Owner-occupied or Investment Property Financing

Buying a building is often the wisest investment a business can make. Mortgage payments tend to be cheaper than rent for owner occupied real estate and most people realize the long term benefits of buying a building as an investor to lease out. If you are interested in finding out what commercial loan programs you may qualify for please fill out our short form to get in touch with a commercial mortgage specialist.

Real estate investors obviously understand the benefits of buying property, but the major hiccup is always finding financing. Our commercial mortgage specialists have the experience to make your property acquisition a reality.

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