Real Estate 101: Staging Your Home to Sell

Posted on August 04 By MLP Blog

In today's uncertain economy, it has never been more important to take the extra steps necessary to make your home look more presentable to potential buyers. After all, this is a buyers' market, which means those who are looking to buy a home or to make a real estate investment have plenty of properties to select from. Therefore, if you want to get your home sold as quickly as possible and for the highest possible price, it is important for you to do a few things to make your home look more appealing through a process referred to as staging. Here are a few staging tips that every seller should put into place before putting a home on the market.

Home Staging Tip #1: Clean Up the Outside First impressions are important when it comes to selling a home, so you want to make sure the outside looks as nice as possible. Walk the perimeter of the property and clean up all clutter, including children's toys and garbage cans. Prune all trees and plants as necessary, making sure none of the plants are blocking the windows and removing plants that are dead. You may also need to repaint or side your home if it is beginning to look worn down.

Home Staging Tip #2: Clear the Clutter The first step toward successfully staging the inside of a home is to remove all unnecessary clutter. Remember, something that is precious and special to you may be perceived as messy or otherwise unattractive to a potential buyer. Furthermore, the goal is to help the potential buyer envision himself living in the home. Having your personal knick-knacks located throughout your house will make it difficult for the buyer to see anyone other than you living in it.

Home Staging Tip #3: Thin Out the Furniture In order to make the rooms in your home look bigger and more inviting, it may be necessary to rearrange or even remove some of your furniture. Make certain potential buyers do not have to squeeze past furniture in order to walk through a room and choose furniture that is fitting for the type of room that it is in.

Home Staging Tip #4: Clean Up the Kitchen and Bathroom The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important rooms to many buyers, so you want to make certain they are attractive and presentable. Clear all necessary items off of your countertops as well as from the top of your shower stall, bathtub and toilet. You should also remove all magnets, pictures and messages from the front of your refrigerator.

Home Staging Tip #5: Freshen Up the Interior Go through each room in the house and make sure it looks fresh and clean. Make sure to clean the windows, drapes and carpet. If necessary, repaint the walls as well.

Eric Bramlett is the broker & co-owner of One Source Realty, a boutique Austin real estate company. Eric currently works with select buyers & sellers, and manages multiple real estate websites, including his Austin condos guide.

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