More Families Turn to Homeless Shelters

Posted on September 12 By Francine Huff

More families are ending up in homeless shelters because they can't make it in this economy. From 2007 to 2009 the number of families in homeless shelters rose to 170,000 from 131,000, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Unemployment is obviously a huge factor when it comes to families becoming homeless. The New York Times checked with several major homeless shelters around the U.S. and found that there continues to be a rise in the number of families seeking assistance.

The article stated, "The Y.W.C.A. Family Center in Columbus, Ohio, one of the largest family shelters in the state, has seen an occupancy increase of more than 20 percent over the last three months compared with the same period last year. The UMOM New Day Center in Phoenix, the largest family shelter in Arizona, has had a more than 30 percent increase in families calling for shelter over the last few months."

While the government has given out some aid to help struggling families remain in their homes, sometimes there is nothing people can do if they've lost their source of income and can't pay their bills.

No one can predict a job loss, sudden illness, or other turn of events that can lead to a loss of income and, subsequently, homelessness. But if you are struggling to make mortgage payments and other bills, try to get help before things escalate to far.

If you own a home, talk to your bank about why you are having a tough time paying your mortgage. Your mortgage lender may be able to help you set up a different payment plan or refinance. A housing counselor may be able to fill you in on various programs that might be able to help you get through financial difficulties. Whatever the situation may be, look for help before your financial problems become too big to solve so you don't end up in foreclosure, bankrupt, or homeless.

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