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Posted on September 01   By Justin McHood
In parts of the country, there are currently bidding wars going on for homes and often at least one of the parties who is bidding on the property is offering all cash because they are an investor. If you are not an investor and have recently lost one or two offers on a house that you wanted - there is something you can try... ask your Realtor to put an escalation clause in your offer. An escalation clause is simply a clause that says something to the effect of "if there are multiple offers on .... Read More...
Posted on August 05   By Francine Huff
For many people, getting together enough of a down payment to buy a home is a daunting task. Most Americans say the down payment and closing costs are the biggest obstacles to buying a home, according to a recent National Association of Realtors survey. The annual survey also found that 80% of Americans say job layoffs and unemployment are barriers to home ownership. These days many lenders want borrowers to have a 20% down payment. So what can you do to find enough money for a down payment?.... Read More...
Posted on July 29   By Francine Huff
U.S. home prices posted a monthly increase for the first time in almost three years, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. Home prices inched up 0.5% for the three month period ending in May, compared with the three months ending in April. The index tracks home prices in 20 metropolitan areas. Although home prices are still down 17% from a year earlier, the change seems to support other housing indicators that point to some encouraging signs in the housing market. So.... Read More...
Posted on July 16   By MLP Blog
Did you know that there's a database out there that collects information about ever personal check you've ever written? Whether it bounced or was cashed without incident, ChexSystems knows about it. If it overdrew your account, ChexSystems knows about it. If you ever filed an insurance claim on your home or apartment, ChoicePoint's CLUE system knows about that too. Welcome to specialty consumer reports! When the Fair Credit and Reporting Act was passed, it gave consumers the right to review any.... Read More...
Posted on July 14   By MLP Blog
1) Nothing to Provide a Price Floor The ratio of what it costs to rent a home compared to the price it costs to buy can help hold up home prices in most markets. So if the market drops too much investors come in and buy up homes before they get too cheap, which creates a floor and holds up the market price. However, homes in the million dollar range are not highly sought after by renters, so the rent ratios do not help create a floor on the prices. This lack of a floor means there real.... Read More...
Posted on May 02   By Justin McHood
This last week, the Federal Open Market Committee met and announced that they are going to keep the Federal Funds Rate between 0% and 0.25%. There was mixed reaction to the meeting, as mortgage rates drifted slightly higher the rest of the week. According to an analysis at Businessweek: The FOMC stuck to its target range for the federal funds rate at 0% to 0.25%, and signaled that rates are likely to remain at exceptionally low levels “for an extended period.” This reference stopped short o.... Read More...
Posted on April 24   By MLP Blog
For all the lists of “Top 10 Expensive Homes” that circle the net, if you truly want to live like a king it's obvious that you have to become a world leader. Here's where the heads of state rest their own heads at night. The Chancellor of Germany Emperor of Japan Grand Duke of Luxembourg King of Romania King of Spain Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) President of France President of Ireland President of Italy President of Panama President of Russia President of .... Read More...
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