Real-estate Articles

Posted on February 13   By MLP Blog
Sales of existing homes plunged in March by the largest amount in nearly two decades, reflecting bad weather and increasing problems in the subprime mortgage market, a real estate trade group reported today. The National Association of Realtors reported that sales of existing homes fell by 8.4 percent in March, compared with February. It was the biggest one-month decline since a 12.6 percent drop in January 1989, another period of recession conditions in housing. The drop left sales in March at .... Read More...
Posted on February 13   By MLP Blog
Ten that are often missed include mortgage points, prepayment penalty, job-related moving expenses Have you ever forgotten to claim a real estate tax deduction? I did. Years ago, after I filed my income-tax returns, I remembered a mortgage interest deduction of about $4,500, which I totally overlooked. To claim my refund, I had to file IRS Form 1040X to amend my tax return. As a result, I learned the IRS hates to part with tax dollars already collected. Just so you never make a tax-deduction mi.... Read More...
Posted on February 13   By MLP Blog
A great site for finding real estate blogs and thus real estate news, information and ideas is Grow-a-brain’s huge depository of Real Estate Blogs. The number of links in this list is well over 500 with a few linking to even more real estate blogs..... Read More...
Posted on April 26   By Justin McHood
In many areas of the country, home values are falling, foreclosures are rising -- and builders are getting in bidding wars for land. One such area is the Phoenix metro area - and there are others in the country just like it. From the Wall Street Journal: Builders are particularly interested in finished lots, land with improvements such as sewers and streets in place. That allows for homes to be constructed quickly. The companies are also focusing on suburban locations within easy commuting dis.... Read More...
Posted on October 27   By Justin McHood
Buying a fixer-upper home is becoming more common because of the number of foreclosures across the country. Whether the home has been a foreclosure or not doesn't really matter - there are still a handful of simple tips that can save you time, money and effort when buying a fixer upper. Tip #1: Plan Ahead Buying a fixer-upper requires more planning and thinking ahead than just buying a regular home. You will want to make a list of renovations that will be needed and then identify whether or .... Read More...
Posted on May 01   By Justin McHood
Even though the housing market is in a bit of a slump, many people are actually making money by buying investment properties, rehabbing them and either selling them for a profit or renting them out. This week, I have had multiple conversations with multiple people about the state of the Arizona housing market and one thing is clear from what I see: There are more than just a few investors out there who are snapping up houses at ridiculously low prices with a business plan to cash flow the prop.... Read More...
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