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Posted on February 16   By Justin McHood
By now, hopefully everyone knows that mortgage rates are not determined by the Federal Funds rate - they are determined by the market of buying and selling mortgage bonds. If you still think that Ben Bernanke sets the mortgage rates by announcing the Fed has raised or lowered interest rates... sorry to break your heart, but it isn't true. But recently, the Fed has been buying mortgage bonds - between 10 and 20 billion each week -- and that has helped the interest rates on mortgages stay low. .... Read More...
Posted on August 15   By Justin McHood
Every once in a while, I see something "new" that I haven't seen before. Earlier this month, Chase announced that they now have a "1% Mortgage Cash Back" program. According to the offer, highlights and details include: "With any new Chase mortgage or refinance, choose either 1% cash back or a 1% payment against your principal balance annually when you sign up for automatic payments on a new Chase Mortgage. Getting started is easy. Open a new Chase mortgage. 1% Mortgage Cash Back works with an.... Read More...
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