Mortgage-fraud Articles

Posted on April 29   By Justin McHood
Think mortgage fraud is something that happened in the past? Think again. Mortgage fraud still exists and according to the latest statistics from MARI, it has actually risen in some areas of the country. CNN Money has recently published the top 10 states for mortgage fraud and many of the usual suspects are still on there. Three "sand states" (Florida, Arizona, California) are all in the top 10 and according to the experts, even the numbers that are reported may be under-stating the problem..... Read More...
Posted on October 23   By Francine Huff
Justin McHood recently wrote about whether or not Congress would extend the federal tax credit for home buyers. Many people have legitimately benefited from being able to claim the credit on their income tax returns, and there have been calls to extend it to more Americans. However, government investigators say over 100,0000 taxpayers have fradulently filed for the credit. About 19,000 people who filed for a total of $139 million in tax credits didn't even buy a home, while.... Read More...
Posted on October 17   By Francine Huff
Charges were filed against 41 people accused of mortgage fraud in connection with 100 properties in New York State. Federal prosecutors charged the mortgage lenders, attorneys and others in the real estate industry with wire fraud and conspiracy fraud, according to the New York Times. Most of those charged were arrested or surrendered in New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The accused allegedly obtained more than $64 million in mortgage loans connected with the New York properties in.... Read More...
Posted on September 09   By Francine Huff
The headlines keep rolling in highlighting the real and growing problem of mortgage fraud. Alleged or convicted perpetrators of mortgage fraud recently have included a pastor, a former Dallas Cowboy, real estate agents, brokers and many others. So how can you spot a mortgage fraud scheme? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. People who promise to help you no matter what your situation, may be running a con. In some cases, shady mortgage counselors may charge an upfront fee to h.... Read More...
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