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Posted on May 01   By Francine Huff
Incidents of mortgage fraud rose 7% from 2008 to 2009, according to the Lexis Nexis Mortgage Asset Research Institute. Florida has the highest incidence of mortgage fraud in the U.S. It's followed by New York, California, Arizona, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, and Virginia. Among the reasons for increased fraud are new opportunities to take advantage of consumers and improved technology that gives criminals more access to potential victims. Many people's desp.... Read More...
Posted on April 21   By Francine Huff
Don't skimp when choosing a home inspector. Getting a thorough property inspection when buying a house can keep you from having your own personal "Money Pit." Home inspectors examine a property to look for any potential problems. Among the services they may provide are testing foundations, structures, wells, septic systems, electrical wiring, plumbing, and exteriors such as roofs and siding. You also can get testing for lead, asbestos, pests, and radon, among other things..... Read More...
Posted on April 07   By Francine Huff
Despite troubles with the economy and the nation's housing market, 65% of Americans still prefer owning a home, according to the Fannie Mae National Housing Survey. The poll, which was conducted between December 2009 and January 2010, asked homeowners and renters their views about home ownership as an investment, the current state of their household finances, and their overall confidence in the U.S. economy. Driving facts for owning a home were safety (43%) and the quality of l.... Read More...
Posted on March 22   By Justin McHood
If you have used certain types of materials to build or remodel your home, you may have a hard time getting traditional financing when it comes time to pay for it. As the "green" movement gets bigger, many people are finding that using non traditional materials in the construction of their home can improve the homes "green" factor, but may also cause problems with the underwriting guidelines of some lenders. Case in point: according to the Wall Street Journal, one family in Colorado used non-t.... Read More...
Posted on March 12   By Francine Huff
Apparently a Bank of America contractor who mistakenly thought a house was empty when the owner was away, padlocked the home and cut off the utilities. Angela Iannelli, who lives near Pittsburgh, says the worker also stole her pet parrot, Luke, causing her emotional distress during the week she couldn't find him, according to the Wall Street Journal. She said she was prescribed medication for the anxiety. Iannelli has filed a suit against the bank, which says it thought the home.... Read More...
Posted on February 03   By Francine Huff
Home builders are cutting prices on new homes to entice buyers. New construction accounted for 7.6% of home purchases last year, down from an average of about 16% over the past 20 years, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. Home builders have been hit hard by the recession as many people looking to buy homes have turned to foreclosures, which can be found just about anywhere in the country. Folks looking to take advantage of the home buyer tax credit this year shouldn't.... Read More...
Posted on January 26   By Francine Huff
A recent survey found that more people would want to be neighbors with President Barack Obama and his family than any other celebrity. The Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey found that 14% of U.S. adults would prefer to live next to the Obamas. Other celebrities that were voted as desirable neighbors were Sarah Palin (chosen by 12% of those polled), talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia DeRossi (12%), singer Taylor Swift (9%), and Oprah Winfrey (7%). Interestingly, Pal.... Read More...
Posted on January 17   By Francine Huff
So you've closed on your mortgage loan and can't wait to get into all those DIY projects needed to update your house. The DIY route has become more popular in recent years, as evidenced by the proliferation of TV shows that focus on home renovations. But if you are a home repair novice, use caution when getting advice. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently recalled a series of nine home repair books for giving faulty wiring instructions. "The books contain errors in .... Read More...
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