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Posted on August 16   By Justin McHood
A new term has cropped up to describe people who could afford to stay in their home, but choose to just walk away. The term that the media has put on this is Strategic Default. The foreclosure crisis has left no part of the country untouched, but in many of the "sand states" of California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida - foreclosures are more common than in other places. In Las Vegas, for example, it is estimated that 80% of all homeowners who bought their home between 2005 and 2007 have negative.... Read More...
Posted on August 10   By Justin McHood
With the rise in foreclosures, there are a number of studies pointing to the fact that when a homeowner has negative equity (owes more on the home than it is worth), the chance of default increases. Earlier this week, a report from Deutsche Bank indicated that there may be a growing number of people across the US who will have negative equity by 2011. Which doesn't bode well for foreclosure numbers. "We project the next phase of the housing decline will have a far greater impact on prime borro.... Read More...
Posted on July 10   By Justin McHood
Freddie Mac: Stop Foreclosure Video Yesterday, Freddie Mac released a new video aimed to help people who are in trouble with their mortgage and wondering about a loan modification titled "Stop Foreclosure: Documents Your Lender Needs To Help You". Although foreclosures are worse in the "sand states" of California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona, people all over the country are experiencing the threat of losing their homes. No matter where you live, if you are having trouble with your mortg.... Read More...
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