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Posted on April 13   By MLP Blog
Know Your Credit Scores Before Closing Day House hunting can be one of the most exciting times in your life. If only it didn’t have to be one of the most stressful too. The culmination of hard work and saving money to finally purchase your own home is almost always coupled with the uncertainty of securing a home loan. You may have found the perfect place and you’re all set to close the deal, but then you sit on pins and needles while a lender holds your fate in their hands. This .... Read More...
Posted on November 30   By Justin McHood
Many times people will ask me "how much will my credit score drop if I have a short sale? What if I have a foreclosure?" and usually, my answer was something like "it will hurt your credit, but no one can really tell you exactly how much it will hurt your credit." Until now. Fair Issac Corporation (FICO) has just released some of the top financial missteps that people make regarding their credit and exactly how much each one can impact their credit score. FICO did this to help educate peopl.... Read More...
Posted on October 26   By Justin McHood
Having good credit is more important in today's world than it has been in quite a while -- if you are planning on getting a mortgage loan, you need to have good credit. Three years ago, it really didn't matter what your credit score was - you could find someone to loan you money regardless of what your credit score was. But times have changed and banks have gotten tougher when it comes to credit scores. Which is why many people are being referred to a "credit repair company" if they apply f.... Read More...
Posted on August 09   By Justin McHood
3 years ago, it was possible to get a mortgage even if you had "bad credit". Today, it is very, very difficult to get a mortgage unless you have at least a "good" and sometimes a "great" credit score. What Is A Good Credit Score? In mortgage terms, when a lender looks at your credit score it can generally fall into these categories: 760 or higher is an excellent credit score 720-760 is a good credit score 660-720 is a fair credit score 600-660 your credit score is going to need some work .... Read More...
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