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Posted on June 28   By Justin McHood
If you are in the process of working with a loan officer to get a mortgage, chances are that you have heard about the HVCC rules for appraisals and how your loan officer "can't talk with the appraiser". True, the HVCC rules are designed to stop the loan officers from speaking with the appraisers because in the past, the people who made the laws felt like too many times the loan officer "pressured" the appraiser into providing a higher-than-otherwise-would-be value for the home, and so the pract.... Read More...
Posted on October 14   By Justin McHood
In different parts of the country, many people are starting to experience something that wasn't all that common before just recently -- the appraisal is coming in below the contracted purchase price that was agreed on by buyer and seller. The reasons for this happening could include any number of things including the new HVCC laws, but because it isn't just happening to a few people, I thought it might be good to spread the word about what your options are if you find yourself in this boat. If.... Read More...
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