What improvements are allowed by the FHA?

The FHA requires you to make your home more energy efficient, but optional repairs that you can finance into your loan include:

  • Repair to the structure of the home. This includes framing, chimneys, foundations, siding, new additions to the home, roofing, basement finishing, and more.
  • Repair or the new building of bathrooms.
  • New windows and/or skylights.
  • Remodeling kitchens and new appliances.
  • All types of flooring repairs or new flooring.
  • Any repairs that are needed for safety like mold removal or lead paint.
  • Repair to internal systems of the home like electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.
  • Repair or replacement of wells and septic systems (note that these repairs must be done first).
  • Remodeling including new light fixtures, bathroom fixtures (even whirlpool bathtubs), painting, and more.
  • Outdoor improvements including decks, patios, covered porches, landscaping, walkways, driveways, fencing, and more.
  • Any rehabilitation that is necessary due to accessibility reasons for disabled people.

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